Stacie Ricker

Pharmacy Feature: Midwest Family Health

This month’s spotlight features pharmacy owner Stacie Ricker. Stacie has been the owner of Midwest Family Health Pharmacy and Home Care for 13 years with locations in Phillipsburg, Plainville, Russell, and Smith Center. Kan.


What do you find most rewarding about working in independent pharmacy?

I believe that life is about making a difference to the lives of people around you, not just your own. The opportunities presented daily in independent pharmacy to make an impact on customers and communities is significant. There isn’t a more rewarding feeling in life than positively impacting people.

Our company mission is all about improving our patients’ quality of life. I am beyond blessed with a team of caring employees and love their passion for fulfilling our mission. Our employee meetings start with “highlights and high fives” where our employees get to share with each other about specific instances of their coworkers going above and beyond to make a difference.


What do you see as opportunities for growth for your pharmacies and independent pharmacy as a whole? 

Becoming more of a proactive service-oriented profession and less about being a reactive and product-oriented profession is critically important for the continued success and growth of independent pharmacy. I feel that CPESN has done an excellent job of creating a comprehensive list of enhanced services for consideration.

Anyone can offer products for sale and the competition for selling products is greater than ever. Where we have been able to excel is by spending time and resources with training our teams in creating a stellar culture and processes to impress customers with our service and providing solutions for them.

Additionally, offering services such as medication synchronization, Dispill adherence packaging and easy refills through an app have been successful for simplifying life for our patients and growing our business. Finding niches that work in each community are important for diversifying revenue streams. We became accredited for billing DME through Medicare Part B 11 years ago and have a successful DME business alongside our pharmacy business.

And finally, a key element for growth in independent pharmacy will be around continued collaboration with providers continually finding ways to work together to care for patients.


What advice would you offer to those who would like to own an independent pharmacy one day?

Network with other successful owners and learn from them. Hire a reputable accountant and lawyer to help guide you. Become educated on understanding financial statements.

And finally, learn how to delegate and lead your team. You cannot, and should not, try to do it all.


What’s something that you are most proud of that one or all of your pharmacies have accomplished? 

I am most proud of having an amazing team of employees. Less than five years ago we were holding steady around 30 employees across all four locations. We now have over 40 employees – which is a testament to the ability of our employees to adapt, grow, provide stellar customer service, and a positive culture.