Pharmacist Feature - Nancy Milledge

Pharmacist Spotlight: Nancy Milledge

Our September spotlight features Nancy Milledge of Clearwater Pharmacy in Clearwater, Kan. Nancy shared with us how the patients in her community make her job as an independent pharmacist so rewarding.


When did you realize you wanted to become a pharmacist? 

I don’t ever remember a conscious decision. I worked as a “soda jerk” at the local pharmacy then took on some functions in the pharmacy area during high school. It just seemed like a natural fit.

What made you want to become an independent pharmacist?

 The interactions that independent pharmacists are allowed to have with their patients fuels my soul. I am blessed to have many patients who have become family to me. There are so many opportunities to serve the community and be blessed in return. 

What do you find most rewarding about working in independent pharmacy?

Hands down, the relationships that are formed with my patients. I am in this profession to serve with the talents I am blessed with.

What are you most proud of that your pharmacy has accomplished?

We provide outstanding service to our patients. Our pharmacy also has Rosie, a 13-pound therapy rabbit on site at times that our patients (young and old alike) adore! She provides a soothing interaction for all ages…fast becoming a town celebrity.