Pharmacist Spotlight - Gavin Duley

Pharmacist Spotlight: Gavin Duley

This month’s pharmacist spotlight features Dr. Gavin Duley of Caney Drug in Caney, Kan. He shared some great insight with us as to why he chose to become an independent pharmacist. 


When did you realize that you wanted to become a pharmacist?

After working as a pharmacy technician in high school for a local independent pharmacist/owner in my hometown of Columbus, KS.  The pharmacist, David Schoech, always encouraged me to strive for excellence and I am happy to call him my ongoing mentor.

What made you want to become an independent pharmacist?

I enjoy the flexibility, patient relationships, and the community impact that I can have with independent pharmacy. I recognized early on that I wanted to be on the front edge of clinical services and independent pharmacy allows the luxury of quickly implementing new services.

What do you find most rewarding about working in independent pharmacy?

The relationships I have with patients utilizing Caney Drug for their pharmacy and wellness needs – as well as the ability to impact the community in a positive way.

What advice would you offer to those who would like to potentially own an independent pharmacy one day?

Find a mentor, surround yourself with motivated people, focus on patients and the quality of care they receive, and be a voice in professional organizations.

What are you most proud of that your pharmacy has accomplished?

Changing the culture and practice model of pharmacy in a small town. My wife and I relocated to the area to pursue ownership in two independent pharmacies. Since that time we have implemented several clinical services, as well as started appointment-based models to offer the community high value services to improve their health and decrease total healthcare costs.