Pharmacist Spotlight - Doug Hynek

Pharmacist Spotlight: Doug Hynek

This month’s spotlight features Doug Hynek of D.C. Drug in Troy, Kan. Doug shares some thoughtful insight into why being an independent pharmacist is so rewarding and offers some strong advice to students considering the pharmacy profession.


When did you realize that you wanted to become a pharmacist?

I started aiming towards pharmacy after high school, unsure if that’s the direction I really wanted to go. I found out at KU that I enjoyed the prerequisite classes (mostly chemistry) and after working in the profession as a technician, I stayed the course.


What do you find most rewarding about working in independent pharmacy?

Hands down, the relationships. I’m not just referring to relationships with patients, which is great. It’s also the relationships that you build with your employees, your local healthcare providers, and your role in the community.  The more you do it, the better it gets.

The whole pharmacy team is focused on taking care of the community; the community is in turn allowing us to be there for them. I love talking with my patients and doing what I can for them in their situation, whatever that may be.

I love being an employer and having the opportunity to work with and get to know great people who bring so much more to the business than just their skill set. I love knowing my local healthcare providers and I love that they know me. As this whole puzzle starts to fit together, it’s truly amazing to take a step back and see that we are making a difference in patients’ lives.


What advice would you offer to students still in pharmacy school or those considering becoming a pharmacist?

Take a realistic look at the profession. Pharmacy is always evolving to meet the current demands of health care and the profession is being challenged now more than ever. It’s no secret that jobs are less available than in years past and expectations have never been higher. However, with challenges also come opportunities.

Pharmacy can be a very rewarding career for those who are passionate about what pharmacy truly is. It’s important to never lose sight of the fact that being a pharmacist is about being a medication expert, getting out from behind the counter and interacting with our patients, and developing relationships at every level of the healthcare chain.

Pharmacy is not easy. If you’re considering becoming a pharmacist, find a mentor in the profession and really take the time to see if this is for you.


What are you most proud of that your pharmacy has accomplished?

I’m most proud that our pharmacy exists. And that’s not what my pharmacy accomplished, that’s what our community accomplished. Three years ago, there was no D.C. Drug. For 17 years there was no pharmacy in Doniphan County. Any service we provide, any community or school even that we support, is because our community supports us.

I am most proud that the residents of Doniphan County have trusted us to be their pharmacy and allow us to take care of them.