KPSC CEO Pete Stern Announces New Company Name

We are excited to introduce you to Currus!
Currus is the new name for Kansas Independent Pharmacy Service Corporation (KPSC). The word Currus is Latin for chariot and we felt this ties in well to our progressive movement on behalf of Kansas independent pharmacies.
As a large group of independent pharmacies in Kansas, and with national recognition for the strength of all our programs and initiatives, Currus reflects our steadfast drive in serving independent pharmacy.
Our values are unchanged – we are still the passionate champion bringing independent pharmacies the most competitive and largest buying program in the nation, giving our members the highest level of service, and keeping their needs at the center of our wide advocacy efforts.
Currus gives us the opportunity to push forward on the front lines of independent pharmacy issues. You will always be able to find the latest on these and other healthcare issues in the news section of our website.
At Currus, pharmacies are a part of a unique group that is independent, together. We are confidently moving forward in our pursuit of healthy communities and healthy pharmacies.
We welcome talking to you about this important change. Please feel free to call, email us, or reach out on one of our various social media platforms.
Thank you,


Pete Stern