Delivery Nothing New For Independent Pharamcies

Delivery Service Nothing New For Independent Pharmacies

Recently, CVS announced that they would be offering same-day prescription delivery nationwide. This news comes approximately one year after announcing that they would be offering one and two-day shipping for $4.99. This “new” service will cost $7.99.

However, to independent pharmacies across Kansas this is nothing newsworthy to them.

For years independent pharmacies have prided themselves on offering superior customer service and personalized attention for their patients. Delivery is one of those services.

According to Julie Keeton, a Currus pharmacist and owner of Kiowa County Pharmacy in Greensburg, Kan., her pharmacy has been offering free delivery to anyone in Kiowa County and the surrounding towns since 2012.

“We think of our free delivery service as a way to give back to our community and to increase patient access,” she said. “It’s an added cost to my business but the intent is to get people the medicine they need.” She also said that her pharmacy offers free mailing as well – something her local Walmart has stopped doing the past couple of years.

Morgan Buntin, pharmacist and owner of Richey’s Drug Store in Erie, Kan. said her pharmacy has offered delivery since the 80s. “Free same-day delivery is something we’ve always offered to our customers. It’s so important to our elderly population and we have patients frequently comment on how it’s faster than mail-order.”

Because independent pharmacies have been offering delivery for years (and often for free), it’s also provided an opportunity to further build trust and relationships with their patients. That customer service and going above and beyond is part of why they have such loyal customers.

Jenifer Nemechek, whose pharmacy at J&J Health Mart in Lakin, Kan. has been offering free delivery for over 20 years, said that patient interaction is one of the most enjoyable parts of the job.

“Both our staff and our patients really enjoy the face-to-face interaction we get with prescription delivery. When one of our pharmacists or technicians comes to the sick or the elderly to deliver their medicine and are able to not only talk to them about their prescription but converse with them about life as well, it makes for a rewarding experience on both sides.”

Delivery options may be new to some of the bigger box stores but to many independent pharmacies it’s just another example of the type of service their customers have received for years.